Miss Kelley May

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Do you find yourself craving discipline in your life? Are you wanting to know what it's like to be put across a beautiful young woman's lap and given a hard bare bottom spanking? Are you ready to take the next steps towards fulfilling your needs and desires?  

Miss Kelley May is now accepting applications for discipline and spanking sessions. Never accepting excuses. 


About Miss Kelley

Miss Kelley May (also known as Princess Kelley), is a lifelong spanking fetishist and experienced disciplinarian. At just 29 years old, she's taken the spanking world by storm, with over 10 years of experience. 

Known for her firm right hand and no-nonsense scoldings, as well as her voluptuous curves and sharp wit, Kelley is a force to be reckoned with. 

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APRIL 2018

"There is no disciplinarian I could recommend more highly than  Kelley May.  She loves to spank and she’s excellent at it. She can scold, too.  She’s one of the smartest and nicest people you’ll ever meet, as well as one of the strictest when needed."




Miss Kelley offers a variety of different style sessions to meet almost any client need. From someone looking for their very first spanking, to an experienced player interested in something a bit more extreme, and everything in between, Miss Kelley will work with you to make sure you're getting the most from your time together. 

The following are outlines of the types of sessions Miss Kelley offers meant to serve as examples to help guide your discussions with Miss Kelley, and your application. These can be combined or modified to meet your needs.

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Introductory / Exploratory Spanking

An introductory/exploratory spanking session is typically designed for someone brand new to receiving a spanking, or for someone looking to try a technique they haven't experienced before.

virtual / skype session

For those who aren't able to meet in person for whatever reason. Ongoing programs as well as one off sessions available.



Real Life discipline

Are you looking for help achieving certain goals or sticking to your rules?  Are you looking to atone for past mistakes, and to feel you've been held accountable for your wrong doings? Then real discipline might be for you. Can vary from the very minor and fun to the most extreme and severe. But regardless, you will learn your lesson.

Roleplay Spanking

Everything from the classics to the absurd, role play is where things  get exciting! What scene have you always wanted to do? Miss Kelley has tremendous experience in a variety of roles, and can either help you craft the just-right scene, or dive in to your own elaborate creation.


Miss Kelley offers a variety of session options for couples including doubles, educational, and co-topping sessions.  (click for more information)


Current travel schedule

Based out of london, england. Extensive travel, particularly to Boston, dallas, LA, and Vegas

August 20-25: Dallas, TX

August 26-29: Los Angeles, CA

August 29-September 2: Las Vegas, NV for Shadow Lane

September 12, 16-18: Boston, MA

For more information about my travel schedule, including sponsored trips to your city, click here.