Introductory and Exploratory

An introductory/exploratory spanking session is typically designed for someone brand new to receiving a spanking, or for someone looking to try a technique they haven't experienced before. Miss Kelley will walk you through the process, and help you discover what it is that you like and what you want from a spanking. It can be as simple (and perfectly classic) as being bare bottomed over her knee with her hand, or as complicated as learning what each strap in her bag feels like. It's about learning and playing.

Real Life Discipline

Are you looking for help achieving certain goals or sticking to your rules?  Are you looking to atone for past mistakes, and to feel you've been held accountable for your wrong doings? Then real discipline might be for you. These sessions can vary from the very minor and fun to the most extreme and severe. But regardless of the infraction(s) or the severity, you will learn your lesson.

Miss Kelley can provide ongoing discipline for those looking for more accountability, and can also provide one off experiences or releases. Miss Kelley is very strict, and she takes real life discipline very seriously. If you come to her for a proper punishment spanking, you will be leaving very sore and very contrite. 

Roleplay Spankings

Everything from the classics (a naughty young man gets spanked by his Mommy for not doing chores, or an unruly employee is strapped by his boss in her office), to the absurd, role play is where things can get exciting! What scene have you always wanted to do? What is your deepest fantasy? Miss Kelley has tremendous experience in a variety of roles, and can either help you craft the just-right scene, or dive in to your elaborate creation.

A few examples to get your creative juices flowing:

  • A strict, but caring Mommy who spanks her naughty little boy, puts him in pj's, and sends him to bed after he's been naughty
  • The stern Headmistress who is displeased with your antics at school, and drags you into her office for a proper thrashing
  • The haughty Head Girl, who catches you peering into the girls' locker room, and decides to punish you herself rather than turn you in
  • A mean babysitter who abuses her authority, spanking and teasing you because she wants to
  • The exasperated girlfriend who has had enough of your lazing about and decides to use your own belt to teach you a lesson
  • The Auntie you're staying with for the summer, and is determined to instill some discipline in you. She's not going to have you breaking curfew anymore.
  • Your high powered boss at work who is less than impressed with your recent work performance

The possibilities are endless!

Past experience is not required for roleplay. Even if you think you won't be good at it, you might surprise yourself! You don't need to be an actor, or have any special skills. Just a desire to have an amazing experience, and a willingness to commit to it. 


Miss Kelley adores working with couples, and offers a variety of session options.

  • Doubles- both you and your partner will be spanked by Miss Kelley! Both can be bottoms or switches. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome.
  • Educational - Miss Kelley will train the Dominant partner, using the submissive partner as a canvas. Or Miss Kelley can discipline the submissive partner while the Dominant partner watches and guides. A particularly great way for a woman to learn how to dominate her man.
  • Co-topping - Miss Kelley will team up with one member of the couple, and together they will spank and punish the other. There is nothing quite like being co-topped! Highly recommended.
  • Voyeur- Want to watch your partner get spanked? Or have them watch you? Both are options. 

Virtual (Phone / Skype)

For those who aren't able to meet in person for whatever reason, Miss Kelley offers virtual sessions, both as a means of ongoing discipline or as a one off session. These sessions can involve directed self administered punishment, a thorough lecture with scolding and/or non corporal punishments (corner time, lines, etc.),  spanking story time, or discussions about spanking, the spanking scene, and how to cultivate spanking relationships