Miss Kelley May (also known as Princess Kelley), is a lifelong spanking fetishist and experienced disciplinarian currently based out of London, England (originally from Dallas, TX). At just 29 years old, she's taken the spanking world by storm, with over 10 years of experience. 

Known for her firm right hand and no-nonsense scoldings, as well as her voluptuous curves and sharp wit, Kelley is a force to be reckoned with. Traveling extensively for parties and play, Kelley loves spanking men and women across the world, and educating people how to engage their spanking kink in a safe manner. 

Miss Kelley is well known top throughout the spanking community, and highly regarded as one of the fiercest, sternest, most accurate, and hardest female tops in the scene. As a top, Miss Kelley is typically quite nurturing, and has perfected the art of giving a spanking for someone's own good. But over the years she's also discovered a glorious sadistic streak that makes her "want to hurt pretty things," while smiling gleefully. 

Kelley loves spanking in all it's forms. In her personal life she loves to give and receive, and thinks that being a switch gives her quite the advantage while topping. She's seen and felt it all! You think you have a novel excuse for your misbehavior? She's already used that one and been spanked for it. She knows the words that bottoms want to hear. She knows the feeling bottoms want to experience. Because she wants those things too, and knows how to deliver. 

Miss Kelley takes her work very seriously and comes to it from a place of passion and love. She has been incredibly fortunate to have made her spanking and kinky dreams come true, and she wants to help others realize their dreams as well. 

Miss Kelley is proudly out to her friends, family, and vanilla institutions (school, work), and takes the role of representing the spanking community to heart. She is also, as a former high powered corporate consultant, very aware of the need for discretion, and makes confidentiality and discretion her top priority with clients. 

The Princess of Spanking

Aka, a bit of backstory

Miss Kelley May (also known as Princess Kelley May) is a born spanking fetishist. She grew up obsessed with thought and desires of being spanked and spanking, and jumped in to this world as soon as she turned 18. Kelley got off to a very fast start, launching her personal experience blog The Confessions of a Spanked Princess as a sophomore in college in DC. Her round bottom, and fun stories quickly catapulted her to popularity, and she decided to start her own teeny tiny spanking video production company, SPK Productions in 2011. 

Post graduating from college, Kelley returned home to Texas where she became involved in the local spanking and BDSM communities. It was then that Kelley was first able to fully explore her long held desires to spank and punish naughty boys and girls, rather than just receiving the spankings herself. Kelley threw herself all the way in  (as she tends to do), and began running the local spanking party in Dallas, Bottoms Up, as well as the national spanking party the Texas All-State Spanking Party

Kelley then left Dallas once again, this time headed to LA for graduate school. At this time Kelley chose to retire from modeling as a bottom, and to keep that part of herself private between her and her partners.

It was  in LA that Kelley began doing spanking education at events, teaching the basics of impact play to non fetishists, as well as more advanced techniques to spankos. She also began working as a top in videos with her friends at Northern Spanking and Real Spankings, having gotten a bit bored in retirement. 

After graduating with her masters in business, Kelley moved to Boston, MA to work as a strategy consultant, while continuing to run spanking events and enjoy all her kinky friends and partners. Recently, Kelley decided to make some changes to her life to find better balance, and is so excited to finally be offering discipline sessions to the broader public.