I am currently based out of Reading, England (Greater London area), but am very fortunate that I'm able to travel a great deal for work and pleasure. In particular, I travel extensively to Boston, Dallas, LA, and Vegas. So if you're looking to book a session with me, take a look and see if I'll be in a city near you!

Don't see your city listed and want to book a session? You can contact to inquire about sponsoring a trip, in order to get me to your city. 

June 13-14, 2019: Boston, MA

June 16-19, 2019: Dallas, TX

June 22-23, 2019: Dallas, TX, for the Texas All State Spanking Party. Since I run TASSP, sessions during the party are at a premium, only available Saturday and Sunday, and a max of 30 minutes. Sessions the week leading up to the party, and the days after are far more flexible and are also listed here

June 24-26, 2019: Dallas, TX

(tentative) August 22-26: Dallas, TX, for the Bottoms Up Back to School Party

(tentative) August 27-29: Los Angeles, CA

(tentative) Labor Day Weekend, 2019: Las Vegas, NV, for Shadow Lane

(tentative) August 10-12, 16-18: Boston, MA

(tentative) October 9-14, 2019: Chicago IL, for Chicago Crimson Moon

Boston area clients:  I loved this city, and am very sad to have left it. I am tentatively planning to return for long weekends (or a bit longer) every quarter, so we can still keep regular contact going. I'll message those who I've already seen directly when I'm planning to return, but reaching out is always a better plan if you want to be first in line.